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Meet Claudia, certified Health and Wellness Coach and Nutrition Advisor

I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach and Nutrition Advisor. I have always been a proponent in approaching health holistically. 

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is the ticket to lift one’s self-esteem and self-image. As an Orthomolecular Advisor, I founded GlobalVitality, where I envisioned a wholesome life that is deserving to everyone.

I was born in Netherlands but left at a young age to go to beautiful South East Asia. My transition from Florida to the Middle East led me to an enriching creative experience and took me on varieties of captivating cultures and culinary adventures. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, life’s not always sunshine and rainbows. I witnessed the Gulf War up close, lost friends and experienced family depression. I struggled being a third culture kid and spent almost ten years apprehending and managing myself through commitments and attachments.



Within these tough times, I found myself switching my lifestyle and that of my family. I adapted new methods that are reviving to the body and mind. The approach and model I implemented in keeping a good balance within the body and mind led to healthier physical and mental health.

I believe that everyone can have a more joyful and healthy existence when they are motivated to embrace the road that leads them to their goals.  I am committed and inspired to enrich the lives of others with my knowledge and skills. In the company of my accessible and enthusiastic coaching materials, you can experience immediate results!

It is my greatest joy to help you (re) activate your self-healing capacity and transform your lifestyle into a vital and happy life. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me.

Claudia has been very supportive and comforting. Always maintained her positive attitude and teached me a lot both about myself and in terms of knowledge about health.”

Aysun,Capelle a/d Ijjsel