Vitality Programme

Vitality for You

This program is designed to alter and improve yourself in the behavioural aspects It  involves mindset and self management coaching which will drive you to perfect common areas like that of sleep pattern, daily activities, and positive thinking. I will lead you into exploring your mind, body, emotional, and spiritual aspects in life. A specific guideline will be designed for you to instill new habits and fend off barriers that come your way.


You will see improvements in:

Better Weight Management

Maintain your ideal weight based on your recommended BMI


A healthy gut is healthy life

Healthy Nutrition

Always consume food at the right times in the right amounts

Stress Management

Maintain a healthy work life balance. Ensure you get the right amount of exercise.

Quality Sleep

Get ample amount of rest each day. Ensure you get at least 7hrs a day.

Energy levels and mood

Getting the optimum amount of exercise and rest will put you in high spirits and keep your energy levels high.

Sugar and Caffeine Dependencies

Whilst these 2 foods give an instant boost in energy  consuming less sugar and coffee will boost your energy levels in the long run.